About Duchessa

Handcrafted from cow to cone

As a Dairy Farmer's Daughter, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for all types of dairy products. Growing up, I wanted to put my own twist on this tradition. My dream turned into reality when I discovered my joy in making gelato. 

My family started dairy farming in the Netherlands. This small European country is known for dairy production. My parents brought their expertise and passion for dairy farming to North Dakota. We still have family in the Netherlands, and we periodically visit them. Some of my fondest memories involve going to the gelato shop with my grandparents and savoring tasty treats and good company. I realized I wanted to share this feeling back home.

 I want to give my customers the very best quality gelato. That includes locally sourced, farm-fresh milk from my family's dairy farm in Carrington. I hope you enjoy!


How it's Made

Farm Fresh Milk

Happy cows. Our gelato production starts with farm fresh, high quality milk from my family’s dairy farm in Carrington, ND. After the cows are milked in the evening, we get fresh milk from the tank. We bring this milk to our gelato lab where we will prep our base.

I think it is so special that our gelato is made with the milk from our family farm. My parents and brothers work hard to produce the highest quality milk. It feels so good to be able to share my family’s hard work with my customers.

Making the Base

Our farm fresh milk serves as the main ingredient for our gelato base. The base is very important because it is the main ingredient in the gelato recipe. Our gelato base ages at least 12 hours overnight to get the perfect consistency prior to churning.

Now off to sleep while I dream about gelato!

The Gelato

We wake up early in the morning to churn our gelato fresh for our customers. Gelato is churned at a slow pace to make sure there is minimal air. Creating the classic gelato texture we all love. With local, fresh, and high quality ingredients we balance our recipes to make sure our gelato has rich flavor and a smooth, silky texture.

The Cart & Cone

In less than one day, we have farm fresh gelato ready to be served to our customers. Whether it is in the cart, coolbox, or cupolinas to-go, you can taste the farm fresh difference. Grab a cone and enjoy!